Sample Size Soap, Guest Soaps, 1 Oz. Bars. Various scents.

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***NOTE - price is per sample, You will need to specify which ones you are interested in your order notes.

Guest size sample bars are perfect to take traveling so you can have your favorite natural soap everywhere you go!
Measurement of approximately 1.25" x 1.75" x 1/2" thick.

These 1 ounce bars are easy to pack, easy to gift, and are an economical way to treat guests to quality bath soap.
Choose from any scents listed on the website.
Photos on this listing are only examples of the variety of colors and look you can expect. There are more scents that what you see pictured!

Popular choices include my Essential oil scented soaps ~ Pure Lavender, Pure Peppermint, Pure Lemongrass, Pure Tea Tree, 'Lumberjack'/Cedarwood blend.
Luxury scents with Phthalate-free fragrance include Ed Hardy for Men, 'Perfect Man'-based on Bleu de Chanel for Men, Chanel 5 type, Coco Madmoiselle type.

Due to ever-changing supply availability, some scents maybe not be available on a continuous basis. Please message me with any questions!
Thank you, ~ Eva