Patchouli Orange Essential Oil Soap

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Balance of Earth and Sun in a scent. All the goodness of the best 60's Patchouli incense wafting through a juicy ripe Orange grove. This Bar makes me feel chill and happy ~ who couldn't use that right now?
Made with 100% natural ingredients and Pure Essential oils. Scented with Dark Patchouli for a rich earthy base, balanced with the bright Citrus of Orange.

This special recipe includes Kombucha Tea. You will love the thick, rich lather from these bars! Skin pampering unrefined Shea Butter adds extra luxury too ~ for smooth, soft, happy skin!

The Feather swirl Art design is made from all-natural Indigo powder.
Saponified oils of Olive, Coconut, Shea Butter, and Castor. 100% pure Dark Patchouli and Orange essential oils. colors: Madder Root infusion, Indigo Powder, Annatto seed powder, and Kaolin Clay,

4.25+ ounce bars.

Help your soap last longer with this natural wood soap dish.

Scrub up with a natural sisal fiber washcloth!