The Meaning Behind the Name ~ our journey

I thought long about a name for my company. While there is an actual place called 'Jolly Harbor', my name has different roots!

'Jolly' ~ adjective, happy and cheerful. synonyms: good humored, sunny, joyful, lighthearted, exuberant, fun-loving. *** the right bathing ritual helps you restore your spirits either to face the day, or refresh you at the end of the days journey. The scent, the experience of self care and feeling comfortable afterwards. I want Jolly Harbors Soaps to help you feel, .... well, Jolly! :) 

'Harbor' ~ A Haven. A safe place providing refuge and comfort. If you are traveling near or far, the harbor may be a warm hotel, a Sail boat, Tent, Camper or your own home. A place you feel sheltered away form the rocky shores of life. Where you can rebuild and strengthen you good vibes and ready yourself to carry on bravely. Create you safe harbor wherever you may be using familiar scents and your favorite Jolly Harbor products.

'Soap' ~ This may seem self explanatory. After all Jolly Harbor Soap Market sell SOAP. What makes true soap interesting is how wonderfully magical the Soap crafting  process is! I take my tried and true Artisan recipe, combining the natural oils, and a simple lye solution and Voila, a fantastic bubbly and gentle batch of Soap is born! *There is no lye left afterward! That is the simple explanation, but it is pretty awesome!

'Market' ~ 'a meeting together of people for the purpose of trade by private purchase usually not by auction' … a place where provisions are also sold at wholesale. *** YES! I not only sell Soap, but I search for a variety of Bath accessories, including earth-friendly washcloths, soap dishes, and more. I have more on the horizon that I am carefully curating to bring to the market. Wholesale inquires are welcome. 

                             *Jolly * Harbor * Soap * Market *